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Progentra is the best male enhancer I’ve had.

I’m no stranger to male enhancers. In fact, I’ve used many male enhancement products before, ranging from creams, pumps, to weights. You can say that I am quite obsessed with penis enlargement. I always fancied the thought of having a bigger penis, but sadly, after thousands of dollars down the drain, none was able to give me what I want, until I bought Progentra. It was really everything they say on the label. I got bigger in just 3 weeks, and my sex drive was insane! Definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to have a bigger penis!

Kevin D.
Pasadena, CA

I can’t wait until I get my next Progentra bottle!

I got a bottle of Progentra from my cousin, who bought a pack of 3’s online. I tried it and it was amazing! I’ve never felt such a rush before. I mean, my libido was through the roof, and it felt like nothing could stop me when having sex. I also had the most intense erections of my life, and it felt euphoric. The best part is, it really made my erections bigger. At one time it even made my penis so stiff that it became reddish from being hidden under my pants. I’m not complaining – this is literally the best stuff I’ve ever taken!

Will S.
Las Vegas, NV

No more blue pills for me.

From the moment I got Progentra, I was hooked – and in a good way. I was spending way too much on the blue pills, and with Progentra, I’m not even spending half of what I spend to get erectile dysfunction meds, and I get more in return. Progentra not only helped me get harder, firmer erections; it helped me improve my libido, which was the cause of my erectile dysfunction. On top of that, Progentra is safe to take with my maintenance medicine. Of course I cleared it with my doc, and he’s thinking about buying a bottle for himself because of it.

Walter T.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

You can’t go wrong with Progentra.

I was looking for an aphrodisiac to make sex more pleasurable, and I came across Progentra. I was impressed at what it claims to do, and I tried a bottle for good measure. From the first dose I knew that this was the product I was looking for. It gave me what I want, which is a good kick in my libido, plus it gave me more on my stamina, and it even added inches to my penis. Whatever you are looking for in a male enhancer, Progentra has it all for you. Check it out!

Kevin G.
Buffalo, NY

I’m not returning my Progentra!

I’m one of those cheapskates who go online and take advantage of those money back guarantees. The way I see it, I get free products, and all I have to do is fake my displeasure of the product. That was the plan when I ordered Progentra. But by the time I actually got to using it, I knew that I cannot risk not being able to buy Progentra again if I fake my displeasure and return it. I knew I have to buy more. I mean, this was the first time that a product really worked on me! Long story short, I called in not to return the product, but to order 3 more bottles. It’s that impressive!

Lenny H.
Miami, FL

My ex-husband uses Progentra now.

I can’t believe Progentra didn’t exist 5 years ago! I met my ex-husband by accident a few days ago, and we ended up having sex. Pathetic, right? What’s even more surprising is that his penis looked a lot bigger than what he had when we were together. Plus, the sex was amazing. Back then, sex was really bland between us, and it may have caused us our marriage. But this time, I knew something was up. I pressed him about it, and said that he is using Progentra. Now, I’m just looking up this product so I can buy it for him!

Laura F.
Fort Wayne, IN

Old men love Progentra.

Me and my old band of geriatrics have had our share of fun back in the day. But now, after being newly-inducted into our senior citizenship, we knew that time is running out to have more fun. All 4 of us are now widowers, and we are just looking for fun – and the blue pill just won’t cut it. One guy in our gang shared his secret – Progentra. After a week of taking Progentra, we were a bunch of energetic old geezers with money to spend around on young escorts. It was a hell of an expensive, but amazingly fun weekend which we experienced thanks to Progentra.

Arthur P.
Fremont, CA

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